A horse can be your best friend, your biggest challenge, and your greatest reward. Horses make our lives better—and they deserve the best protection.

Carolyn Rice
Founder of Equine Naturals, LLC

A multiple World Champion winner, American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and National Snaffle Bit Association (NSBA) judge, Carolyn Rice is an accomplished horsewoman and an ardent animal lover.

As the owner of Carolyn Rice Quarter Horses, she is a World and Congress Champion-producing trainer, specializing in western all-around events. Carolyn cares deeply about horses—and she believes that safe, nontoxic products should be used in caring for them. 

Carolyn developed Essential Fly Repellent in order to help riders protect their horses from flies and other insects, without the use of toxic chemicals. Because riders are also exposed to the ingredients used in equestrian insect repellents, natural ingredients benefit both horse and rider.  

Carolyn began learning about natural insect repellents, with the goal of creating her own formula. She researched dozens of ingredients, tested various formulations and concentrations, and experimented with multiple products to gauge their efficacy. Finally, she arrived at a winning formula. Essential Fly Repellent is all-natural, non-toxic, lavender-free, and safe for horses with all ingredients being human grade.

Naturally Effective Insect Protection.